Taping for Turf Toe


So this one we’re going to try and stop movement going in that direction there okay and we’re looking at this joint here so we’re going to place an anchor around the foot very important we don’t put any tension especially in this part of the foot because it will be very uncomfortable

Okay so we’ve got an anchor below we’re now also going to put an anchor around the base of the first toe like so again don’t put it around otherwise you’ll end up blocking the circulation and the toe will go Blue um and you’ll have to take it off again so just make sure that there’s no tension uh and that’s not too tight in that area now what we’re going to do is we’re going to place some strips of tape underneath the foot to try and stop it from coming upwards so what I’m going to ask you to do Jenny is put it a foot there like

so okay I’m going to place one on rip it there that’s number one and all we’re going to do is do three versions of that underneath the toe second one there now depending obviously if you’ve got a a bigger toe to strap then you’re going to use more than three you have to go across the full base of the toe and use these as your supports okay three is enough here and then all I’m going to do is then put the anchors back on again very important you remember the anchors because if you don’t put the anchors on then the the strapping becomes useless because you as soon as they go to to um move the toe then the the strips of tape will come off I’m going to put the other anchor underneath the foot again with no tension and now we’re in a scenario where where if we really wanted to pull that foot up now I haven’t done that too tight what you can do is put the foot put the toe into that position there and tighten those and then obviously how depending on how sore that toe is will depend on how tight you want those strips if it’s very sore you might want to put the toe in that position there and then apply those strips and then put the fixers on if it’s if it’s not too bad then as I say you can let the toe relax a little bit because it otherwise it will become too uncomfortable

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