Dealing With Lace Bite in Ice Skates


Hey guys this is coach Chris from Burbank roller hockey and I’m here today to do the hockey skate lace show a lot of people ask me questions about how to lace your skates what type of laces I should use the size of my laces yada ya y so I’m going to kind of do a little bit of myth busting and and talk to you a little bit about your laces today so there are two basic types of laces you got your standard lace which comes available with every hockey skate it’s just a real flimsy lace as you can see it just moves real freely you can tie it in all kinds of knots just a really really easy lace available any local shoe store now this is your typical ice hockey waxed lace you notice the difference in it just the rigidity of it it it’s just a stiffer uh uh lace now I’ve got uh my skates right here they’re they’re laced with the uh breast cancer wearing this pink waxed laces and the way that I lace my skates is the way that I think is the best way to avoid lace bite and to get your skates the tightest I lace them from the outside in through the eyelets and I Lac them uniformly so so it’s always the exact same pattern over under over under over under so the key things about lace bite when you’re talking about this the lace bite comes from your lace being up against the tongue of your boot putting pressure on your ankle now the way you avoid this is my my pressure here doesn’t actually come from the inside lace the pressure comes from the outside and it pulls the boot down not necessarily the lace itself because the next time this this lace goes through this boot it’s going to go over the outside and it’s going to clamp that boot down now a couple of guys from the uh older series of hockey they know the uh the old school way to uh to add movement and create some space for your uh toeses in there to prevent lace bite you basically create a loop which allows your lace to go back through got my loopy [Music] here got my loopy on the other side so you take your lace from across cut through the loop take out the lace put it through the loop pull it tightly pull it tightly that is the other way you can go to get a little bit more tightness with zero lace bite it’s actually pulling from the outside once again it’s pulling the boot in instead of putting pressure on your foot itself against the tongue so the common mistakes we see when people are lacing up their skates is they always lace them from the same way they do their tennis shoes they do them from the inside out and as you can see when you lace from the inside out show you in a second here so I’m going to lace this from the inside to the outside inside outside now as I pull this down it’s pulling on the outside of the boot to make it tighter but on the inside here if this is my if this is my foot this is where the lace bite channel is going to be look at this as I pull that it’s pulling on my finger long before it pulls that boot in tightly that’s how you get your lace bite it’s going to pull on the inside of this t tongue and put pressure against your foot as you’re trying to pull that boot outward the inside of that lace is what’s really going to pull on your foot that’s why I lace my skates from the outside to the inside I pull pressure on the boot rather than on the tongue of my foot all right I hope that uh answered all your questions and uh gave you a little bit more insight to the way that we lace our skates uh you know you can feel free to check out my other videos um coach Chris from bur Road hockey

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