The Windlass Mechanism


hey team how you doing this video I’m gonna look at feet particularly a mechanism of the foot called the windows mechanism now this is a really important mechanism of the foot and if you’re a bit grossed out by feet as some people are stick with this because there’s loads of important information here in fact this is the first of a number of Q&A videos that I’m going to be doing as a result of a few comments on Facebook comments on YouTube where people have asked me to elaborate in what I’ve already said about the windlass mechanism in previous posts previous videos where I’ve just kind of mentioned it in passing this time we’re going to get right into it so let’s have a look so let’s deal with a big question first what is the windlass mechanism so the windlass mechanism is a function of the foot which allows it to be everything from a very adaptive structure with lots of movement allowing us to adapt to landing on different surfaces and have that ability to dissipate load nicely

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The abductory twist


Abductory twist. The abductory twist is the rapid media movement of the heel at the time of heel off if there are increased pronation moments occurring during the time of late mid stance this will prevent the subtalar joint from supinating as rapidly as it needs to and therefore also prevent the tibia from externally rotating as fast as it should. When combined with the pelvis which is externally rotating about the latest stance foot will create an increase in elastic strain energy within the transverse plane which will then be resolved into this abductory twist motion of the heel whipping medially at the time of heel off due to the frictional friction from the heel being suddenly released at the time of heel off here we see the abductory twist occurring in the left foot at the time there and this is caused by this combination of late midsstance pronation moments in combination with the transverse plane movements of the pelvis about the foot.

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